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Plant Selections

Plant selections can be the most important part of a design to some clients.  These sample plant galleries suggest 4 broad categories of Phoenix valley plant pallets to consider for your landscape.  Plant pallets are unique to each project, yet these groups can help us understand the general direction of your planting goals.  Depending on your location in the valley restrictions can apply in the form of approved plant lists, water restrictions and the overall design vernacular of the area.  Let my professional experience and knowledge as a master gardener help you achieve your perfect landscape oasis.  

  • low maintence landscapes

  • commericial properties

  • wide range of new and improved varieties

  • flood irrigated properties

  • historic neighborhoods

  • tropical oasis

Irr-planting maps
  • native plants to the region

  • desert communitees

  • non-irrigated landscapes

  • stylized gardens for estate homes

  • mediterranean, french country, santa barabra 

  • victorian and raised vegetable gardens

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